Please click on the sanctuary image to follow Daily Liturgy 10:15am or 11am Sunday Mass from St. Mary’s Church via webcam.

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Parish Mass Schedule

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All liturgies will continue to stream online and our churches are open for Private Prayer.

Click the link to join the 10am Sunday Zoom Group Mass.

Following Sunday Mass online? Join in by following the Mass text available here

All are welcome 

Please call/text  087 4189338 or  087 9267091 to join the Zoom Mass

A Family Prayer to Mary
O Mary, Queen of Peace, teach us to live together in harmony
and treat each other with respect and dignity.
May our home be a model of peace for all who enter and may
our family grow together in the love of your son, Jesus

Following Sunday Mass online? Join in by following the Mass text available here

 Level 5 restrictions

With the gentle reopening of our churches, safety continues to be  our priority. We continue to serve you. We ask that if you are in need of anything, please phone us.  The Parish office phones will be manned Monday – Friday 10am-1pm. Your call will be answered by one of us here in the parish and we can help you from there.

Parish Office : Enniskerry : ☎️ 01 276 0030; Kilmacanogue: ☎️ 01 202 1882

Fr. Bernard ☎️+353  86-8407681🙏 ; Fr. Hyacinth   ☎️+353 87 143 9768 🙏.

All Religious services have resumed. All liturgies will continue to be streamed  online

Some Points to Note

Maximum Number permitted on the premises: *

                        St. Mary’s:                      22*

                        St. Mochonog’s :              16*

*Please be aware that the maximum numbers of individuals from different households, i.e. individuals who must maintain 2 metres clear spacings between them is: St.Mary’s 22 St.Mochonog’s 16

We can accommodate a greater number when some family members who reside in the same house sit together.

Funerals* (are limited to 50 permitted as per details below)

Weddings* (are limited to 50 numbers permitted as above)

*50 mourners can only be accommodated inside the church in situations where 2 metres clear space can be maintained at all times between individual mourners, other than between those living together in the same household.

 Please note: although in some instances, up to 50 mourners could be accommodated, the numbers of mourners that can be accommodated in our churches is usually much less than 50, particularly in our smaller churches. The precise number that can be accommodated in any instance depends on the makeup of the household groups, i.e. the numbers of mourners who can sit together, and it can only be established by allocating places in accordance with the seating plan.

Covid 19 Update Funerals 10.05.21

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The May Queen

She wears sunlight in her hair
And violets in her eyes
And her cheeks are the petals of a rose.
She bears Love on her arm
And lilies are her feet,
And they carry Life wherever she goes.
There are graces on her lips
And rainbows on her robes
And her wreath is the coronet of May.
She is Fairy Queen of earth-
The wand at her heart
Is a Bud from the Triune Bouquet.
She is Mother, Queen, and Maid,
And God is her Child,
And her Courts are the meadows where
They play
And her Courts
Forever and for aye.
She is Mary full of grace.
She is Queen of Eternal May.
Marie Fischer
Robert, Cyril. Our Lady’s Praise in Poetry. New
York: Marist Press, 1944.

A May for Mary

The month of May, traditionally is dedicated to prayer to Mary the Mother of God.
Let us begin each day by offering all our concerns, joys and thanksgivings to Mary.
May the month of flowers – The Wild Primrose, Lady’s Smock, Bluebells, Cowslip, Hawthorn, Forget-me-Nots, Violets and many more.

May, when the earth blooms in Springtime beauty, is an ideal time for our thoughts and sentiments to be directed towards
this supremely lovely Queen of Heaven and Earth, who busily labours from her heavenly throne to conquer hearts,
minds, and souls for the greater glory of her Son.

May evokes and brings back such happy memories,. I wonder how many still make a May altar, crowning our Queen with flowers from the garden.

Mary was always the centre of this month.
In the words of Pope Francis May is “a month which the piety of the faithful has long dedicated to Mary, the Mother
of God.”

This month of May, dedicated to Mary, is a fitting time to begin to recite the rosary daily.
May for the rendition of the most favorite hymn to our lady Bring Flowers Of The Rarest. Play it each morning in May.
Sing Along with this favourite by Frank Patterson

Blessings for Today

Stay Safe and Stay Well🙏