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Level 5 restrictions

With the numbers of Covid-19 cases rising beyond what we could imagine , safety is our priority. We continue to serve you. We ask that if you are in need of anything, please phone us.  The Parish office phones will be manned Monday – Friday 10am-1pm. Your call will be answered by one of us here in the parish and we can help you from there. Please Stay Home

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Our Churches are currently closed

Funerals A maximum 0f 10 mourners can attend. Please see attached document outlining protocols for funerals

Parish Protocol for Funerals during COVID-19

With effect from 3 January 2020, up to
6 guests are permitted to attend a
wedding ceremony and reception,
whether indoors or outdoors









Daffodil Promise.

Yesterday, after what seemed a week of chaos and confusion,
my sister phoned to simply say she had seen the first daffodils of the year
and what hope they had given her.

This morning I went to look for them.
Frost crowned and frayed
I found them.
There they were.
keeping their own company
beneath the brittle thorns,
bright yellow nodding promise of
an as yet months away Spring.

And I thought how important,
how deeply important it is,
to pay attention,
to look for signs of hope.
to seek out the green bud on the wintered branch,
the tiny shoot beneath the frost,
the snowdrop in the snow.
To stop and listen long enough
to hear their seed song telling
that nothing, nothing, nothing,
stops the Spring from coming.
That far beyond the pride of tyrants,
the fall of empires,
the callous cruelty of the crowd,
there is a hope Eden sown into the very essence of it all
shining out in quiet ways around us,
heard in the Robin’s pre-dawn song,
felt in the frost cracked earth,
touched in the kind and outstretched hand,
seen in the first golden crown,
of frosted daffodils.


Blessings 🙂
Have a great day