We are introducing a new 2 Step Programme for Baptism in our parish. From November the first Sunday of every month will be a meet greet and welcome day  for those who want their child baptised in St Mary’s Enniskerry, St Patricks Curtlestown or  St Mochonog’s,Kilmoconogue .  There is no need to book , Just come along! We’ll have a chat and a cup of tea/coffee. At this stage we will take some basic information before moving to stage two. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our faith community

Meet Greet and Welcome Mass Dates

Sunday 6th November  

Sunday 4th December

Sunday 1st Januaary

Sunday 5th February

Sunday  5th March


St Mary’s            11 am.

St Mockonog’s   10 am

St Patricks           10 am

Step 2

Once we have met with you at meet and greet masses you then ring the parish office to book a date for you child’s baptism.


A word about Godparents:

One Sponsor (Godparent), male or female, is sufficient; but there may be no more than two (one male and one female).

Sponsors should be over sixteen years of age, be a Catholic who has been confirmed and should have a positive interest in, commitment to, and practice the Catholic Faith.

A Sponsor who is married must be married in accord with the laws of the Catholic Church.


 A Note for Parents:

Congratulations on your new baby!

Congratulations on the birth of your child! The Parish Community shares in your joy. Thank you for wanting to have your baby join the family of the Church through Baptism.

To allow for preparation for your child’s baptism, parents are asked to give one months notice to the Parish Office.

Baptism Preparation

Parents seeking Baptism for their child, coming as they do from different places in the terms of faith and motivation, need the care and outreach of a welcoming faith community.  Enniskerry has four welcoming  communities,  who will  support you in making the decision to baptise your child into the Catholic Faith. Our Baptismal Team will help your family to become familiar with the ceremony itself, with what is expected of you; they will explain the practicalities of the day, and answer any questions that might arise. 

When do Baptisms take place?

 The Sacrament of Baptism is administered in St Mary’s  church, Enniskerry ,on the last Saturday of each month at 12 noon, and in St Mochonog’s,  Kilmacanogue ,on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 12 noon.

How do I book a Baptism?

  • Please contact the parish office (Enniskerry/Curtlestown/Glencree 01 276 0030; Kilmacanogue 01 202 1882 )
  • IMPORTANT:  One months notice is required
  • View and Download Request For Baptism Form Below

Ideally, Baptism takes place in the parish where you live and worship, where Confirmation and Holy Communion will be celebrated.

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A Time for Celebration and Joy!

Your baby’s baptism is a time for celebration and joy. And, naturally, you want the best for your baby. We want to help you plan and prepare for the baptism in the best possible way. Baptism is a birth into the Christian community and is in every way as solemn and important as birth itself. It’s an event that needs to be prepared for.

Whether you have done this before or not, please read on for some helpful ideas and tips.

  • View and Download the Baptism Points to Remember
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Download [120.32 KB]

What are the conditions for being a Godparent?

The minimum requirement is one Godparent for each child. However, a maximum of TWO Godparents are permitted per child. If there are two Godparents, one must be male and one female. The minimum age of a Godparent is 16. Godparents must be Baptised and Confirmed.

They must each have completed the Christian Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist) and be at least 16 years old* [ *exception to be made only at the discretion of Archbishop’s House, the Godparent must be mature enough to understand the role of Godparent.]

In the case of the above exception where a Godparent is under 16 years of age, the parents must write to the Archbishop requesting permission for this Godparent. Include in the letter — age of young person, date & place of his/her confirmation, reason for choice, relationship to child being baptised, date of baptism & telephone number of parents. Also include the name of Primary School and Secondary School attended.

If you cannot find TWO Godparents, a person can then be chosen as a Christian Witness and their name will be recorded in the Baptismal register and on the certificate as a Witness not a Godparent.

Requesting a Baptismal Certificate

To request a Certificate of Baptism held in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Register , please complete the corresponding form and email it to the Parish Office at

The  parish office aims to provide the requested certificate(s) within two working days.

Please note there is a €10 administration charge, per request, payable on collection.

The certificates may be collected from the Parish Office: The parish office in Enniskerry is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 10am-1pm. The parish office in Kilmacanogue is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 10am-1pm

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