Property Committee

The Property Committee is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all church properties. It meets regularly and draws up a maintenance reports and repair reports which are presented to the Finance Committee for funding. We are fortunate that thanks to the generosity of the parish community, we have, in recent times, refurbished the four churches in our parish to a high standard. The current committee are :  Fr. Bernard Kennedy, Michael O’Doherty (Chair),  José Poveda, Adrian Buckley, James Byrne, John Welsby.  

Finance Committee

The finance committee consists of 7 members. They are responsible for overseeing the finances of the parish. They meet on a regular basis to review the financial statements and to review parish income and expenditure. They oversee the general and development work in the Parish and make recommendations on spending and implementation of projects. They monitor the annual distribution of the parish envelopes and they prepare an annual statement, which is presented to Parishioners at Masses on a designated Sunday once a year. The current committee are : Fr. Bernard Kennedy (President), David Flynn (Chair), Breda Tuite, John O’Leary, Garry King, Carolyn Roe. 

Collectors and Counters

The basket collectors are a group of parishioners who assist with the collection at the weekend Masses, and the envelope collectors assist with the collection of the parish development fund envelopes.

A group of three people record and bank the money collected at the Masses.

 Parish Finance

Parish income is dependent on the generous support of the parishioners. The main income of the parish is through the Family Offering. This income is used to fund all the upkeep and running costs of the parish and its churches. This fund stays within the parish.

Family Offering

The Family Offering is used to pay the day-to-day running expenses of the Parish. All of the “basket collections” at Masses and Christmas and Easter Dues are remitted to the Diocese. The Parish relies on the Family Offering to meet the running costs of the Parish. The Family Offering is collected in four main ways: –

a) Through weekly envelope collection                                                                                                                                                                     b) Through standing orders set up by parishioners with their bank
c) Through the “Pink” envelopes collected at Masses and available in all the Churches
d) Through ad-hoc donations.

The Parish cannot function without the generosity of its parishioners and we are extremely grateful to everybody who contributes to the Family Offering. If you would like more information on how to contribute to the Family Offering please contact the Parish Office on 01 2760030.

Other Ways to help

Sponsorship of a particular parish expense e.g. the newsletter, an interest free loan, a special gift, a bequest – could you consider a bequest to any of our churches when making or amending your will?