Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish:

Confirmation Dates:

Saturday ,6th November 2021 at 11:00am -Kilmacanogue National School -St.Mochonog’s Church 

Saturday, 20th November at 11.00am—St. Mary’s & St. Gerard’s N.S—St. Mary’s Church Enniskerry

St.Mochonog’s Church Kilmacanogue Guidelines and Ceremony Booklets

As you know due to COVID-19 a lot of restrictions are in place. In order to ensure that everyone coming for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confession is safe, we are continuing to take a prudent approach. We have put in place some guidelines. Please take your time to read through the details below and if you have any question or concerns our parish contact details are at the end of this page.

It is important that we continue to protect ourselves and others by continuing  to take protective measures, by self isolating if symptomatic, by wearing masks, sanitising hands and so on

If your child or any family member is feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID- 19 please do not attend the ceremony. Arrangements will be made by the Parish to have the sacrament take place at a later date 

How many people can we bring along?
The Confirmation Candidate and immediate family members only( the household). We would ask that the sponsor live in the same household as the candidate. A parent can stand in as the sponsor at the ceremony.

We will provide families with a link to follow the ceremony and this will also be available on the Parish website on the day. Please sign and return the Photograpy and Filming Consent forms to the school before 15th October 2021.

Photography and Filming Consent Form CONFIRMATION 2021

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How can we help prepare our child?
Download / print out the Confirmation booklet and go through the responses with your child.
Link to :Confirmation Booklet Kilmacanogue National School 2021  is available here:

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What time will the ceremony start ?
The ceremony will start at 11am on 6th November 2021

Will the Confirmation candidates be singing at the ceremony?
Unfortunately, there will be no group singing but music will be played.

Are we going to bring a Candle?
No need as we will only use the Paschal candle. We want to minimize risk associated with hand sanitizer and flame.

Do we bring anything on the day?
No, just be early so we can start at the exact time schedule for the ceremony.

Will confirmation Candidates take part in reading and prayers of the faithful?
No the confirmation candidates will not take part in readings or prayers of the faithful. Our parish readers will look after this just to minimize number of people using the microphone.

Will Confirmation children be bringing up symbols or offertory gifts
There will be no bringing up of symbols for the ceremony and dwe will not have an offertory procession either. Symbols will already be placed in the scared space before we start the celebration. This is to limit surfaces being touched by multiple people.

How long will the ceremony last?
We hope it will not be more than 45mins. We encourage you to be on time. We also encourage you not to stay back to chat in the church at the end of the ceremony because we will be cleaning and airing the church.

Do we need to do anything before the day?

  • Yes you should have a discussion with your child about Confirmation and what it means.
  • There will be no practice but we hope to explain how the ceremony will go before it starts.
  • Download / print out the Confirmation booklet and go through the responses with your child. A link to : Confirmation Booklet 2021 is available via the Parish website

Can we take pictures during the ceremony?
No. Please due to GDPR and to avoid distractions, we ask you not to take pictures during the ceremony. You can however take pictures after the ceremony, but we request you do not climb the altar for this purpose. A group photo will be taken by a vetted member of the Parish team

What safety measures will be put in place?

  • We ask that everyone coming into the church would wear a mask.
  • Doors will be held open to reduce the need for people to touch surfaces such as door handles.
  • The clergy, sacristan, stewards and parish team will be wearing masks.
  • Everyone will have to use the provided hand sanitizers as they enter the Church.
  • There will be a one -way system and social distancing in operation in the Church, assisted by our stewards.
  • All seat assignments will be spaced.
  • During the celebration front and back doors will remain open (weather permitting) to allow for better ventilation.
  • Surfaces, which may have been touched, will be sanitised afterwards.

Can I still use the toilet facilities at the Church?
Yes, there will be access to the toilets in the Church.

Where can I find more information on guidelines in place in the parish?
Please refer to our parish website for additional information on the policies which are currently in place in the Church in response to Covid-19.

What are the contact details for the parish office?
Please if you have any question or concern do not hesitate to email us: or phone us: 01 2021882


We look forward, very much, to celebrating this important event. In the mean-time those who are due to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation we encourage  to continue their preparation –

Free Access to Grow In Love resources to help with this have been made available here CONFIRMATION PRAYER

Spirit of God, grant me:

The gift of wisdom -To see the world through your eyes,

The gift of counsel-To make difficult decisions,

The gifts of knowledge and understanding-To use my mind to know you and to love you,

The gift of fortitude-To have the courage to live in the faith despite the difficulties and disappointments,

The gift of piety-To be able to express my special love And commitment to you,

And the right kind of awesome fear -That makes me pause to wonder and revere God’s Love.


If you wish to register your child for Confirmation please complete and return the form below to the parish office.

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Confirmation celebrates the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a baptised person, completing and strengthening the grace given by the Spirit in Baptism. It marks the Christian as a follower of Christ and a full member of the Church.

Confirmation celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are made members of God’s family at Baptism. At Confirmation, our Baptism is completed or “sealed” by the Holy Spirit and we are called to be Christian witnesses, just like the apostles. The whole of our Christian living and the life of the Church, too, are sustained by the same Spirit.

The soul of a baptised Christian is imprinted with a permanent seal that can be received only once and marks this indivual forever as a Christian.  [CCC 1302-1305]

To be confirmed means to make a “covenant” with God.  The person being confirmed essentially says, “yes, I believe in you, my God; give me your Holy Spirit, so that I might belong entirely to you, and never be separated from you, and may witness to you throughout my whole life, body and soul, in my words and deeds, on good days and bad.” [YouCat 205]

Confirmation Programme – What’s it all about?

Our Confirmation programme – YOU SHALL BE MY WITNESS  begins in October .

The programme is designed to give our 6th Class students a faith formation experience based on the spiritual, pastoral and liturgical aspects of our faith. In other words they will be given the opportunity to connect with God in church, within themselves and within the wider community.

The students and families are required to attend six masses between September and March. Each mass will be given a theme and the students will be given an opportunity to explore theses through discussion, artwork and written work beforehand.

At Confirmation the Bishop/Priest prays that the gifts given by the Holy Spirit for the living out of the Christian life will grow in each person being confirmed. These are the gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Right Judgement, Courage, Reverence and Wonder and Awe in God’s presence. Growth in these gifts is a lifetime’s experience and leads the Christian to share in the mission of Jesus Christ. [Young people preparing for Confirmation are encouraged to be involved in some form of service in their parish.] to clarify and discuss


The tradition of taking a new name at Confirmation emphasises the new identity of a Christian being called to witness to their faith. People are encouraged to take the name of a saint or a person from the Bible who inspires them in some way.

The oil used is called the Oil of Chrism. It is olive oil mixed with balsam that is blessed by the bishop and priests of the diocese in the Cathedral at the ‘Chrism Mass’ on Holy Thursday. The Sacrament is conferred with the anointing with this ‘Oil of Chrism’ on the forehead as the Bishop says ‘Be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit’.