This year we make our journey of Holy Week in a way like never before.

As a Christian community we cannot gather. However, we can continue to keep Holy Week in our homes. We can offering up our prayer and join in union with the prayer of the Church as we live out these sacred days.  

These resources are designed to help you undertake this keeping of Holy Week, bringing it into the heart of your home.

Each of the eight days follows a similar pattern:

– A sentence giving the focus of the day
– A quote from the Gospel of the day Scripture tells us
– A section Deepening your participation in the broadcast celebration: highlighting key points for people joining in the liturgy of the day via digital broadcast, with simple steps to deepen their participation in the prayer of the day

– A Prayer Ritual for the Home Offering another way of people prayerfully entering into the spirit of the day
To do suggestions of practical actions / activities in tune with the day

Click on the file below that you wish to view/download/print to access an individual day

Bringing Holy Week Home -Monday

Bringing Holy Week Home Tuesday

Bringing Holy Week Home-Wednesday

Bringing Holy Week Home -Holy Thursday

Bringing Holy Week Home Good Friday

Bringing Holy Week Home-Holy Saturday

Bringing Holy Week Home -Easter Sunday